Uncontrolled airports on the frequency list

This is a simple request that is not tied to planes or liveries.

Some airspaces are jam packed with a large number of controlled and uncontrolled airports. While open frequencies are green and easier to find, Unicom frequencies are often very hard to find when there are a large number of uncontrolled airports.

Take the area around DFW for example. When looking at the radar you can easily see the large number of uncontrolled airports.

Luckily the map gives you the option of filtering out the uncontrolled airports to make the map more manageable.

This is great and all. However, when looking at the frequency list there is no way to remove the same group of uncontrolled airports (pink ones).

My solution would be to simply apply the uncontrolled airports filter to the ATC frequency list as well. I’m not suggesting other options or a complete overhaul. Just a quick application of the existing filter. I hope it is a small enough change and not adding too many other rules to it will make it easier to accomplish. I feel this small change can go a long way for pilots to find and use these often unused Unicom frequencies.

I like the idea. I am out of votes though.

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Love the idea, voted! Would be helpful for places like DFW since there is so many uncontrolled airports nearby

Good idea Chris, though I like this implementation more Tune Into Unicom From the Map, both would both give Unicom less clutter for big areas, which is what I want to see in updates in the future.


Great idea Chris! It definitely can become somewhat of an inconvenience, especially when your desired ICAO is lost in the middle of the rest of them

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Yea this is a very good idea definitely voted!

Great idea. Unfortunately I´m out of votes :(

I voted for this, i completely agree that finding controlled airports amongst the usually much longer list is difficult.

What if the controlled airports were listed first, uncontrolled after? All frequencies in range would still be visible, but sorted so the likeliest airports would be right there, and the uncontrolled ones would be the short scroll away.

Fantastic suggestion. Got my vote !
I also remember seeing somewhere in an old post of the community that the destination airport is supposed to be listed in first position in the frequency list (when in range). But I haven’t never seen this actually happening.

I liked the idea and it is more convenient to find the airport as around the DFW for example. I have a free vote and I will vote.

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