Uncontrolled Airports: Discover the "Other" Infinite Flight

IF’s uncontrolled airports are gems hiding in plain sight. Get away from your big jet for a while and fly a Cessna 208 or other small plane into some of IF’s uncontrolled airports. IF’s airport designers have spent a lot of time adding these little gems to IF. There are more of them than controlled airports, and have some of the best island and mountain scenery - and flying challenges - in Infinite Flight. At many of these airports, IF will spawn you at the end of a runway ready for takeoff, eliminating the need to taxi. Tired of flying into EGLL, KJFK, and KLAX, sometimes getting there just as ATC closes? Tired of flying hours to rack up a single landing? A little bored at using APPR to land all the time? Learn to fly IF’s small planes while exploring its wide world of uncontrolled airports.


Isn’t this for #live, but I do agree, uncontrolled airports are pretty nice😉

Yeah and also fun for GA

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Definitely. If you guys are looking for some gems, I’d suggest KSEZ and 1L8.

Should be in general as it does not just apply to multi-player flying :)


N87 is my favorite small airport.

What I find weird is that a year ago in training, EGLL, KJFK and KLAX were the most popular airport and most controlled and now almost all the major airports are being controlled like LFPG and RJTT and other international airports around the world. I find it amazing how this community is rapidly growing.

Yeah the GA airports are nice to fly in and out of if you are looking for some nice airports 6B6 is a nice airport to fly around

There’s so many non-controlled airports out there that I see get edited. I wish some of these were spotlighted on the forum so we could all go and enjoy them.

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