Uncontrollable Flight - Stalled and Crashed

Hello while attempting a long flight From Mexico City to Tokyo Japan After Almost 12 hours 13 minutes of flight time and before reaching Tokyo plane stalls and crashes in the Pacific Océan no matter what I do to stabilize the flight and ideas hoy to br8ng Back the plane into control or do I have to restart the flight Again?I know is a long flight that I flew with automatíc pilot but before arriving to Japan plane loses control and crashes it s so frustrating After flying for 12 hours or so

Did you make sure that you calibrated?

I would like to know more about the stall. Was the plane on AP when it happened? When did it happen?

It can’t be calibration, I almost never calibrate and have had no issues.

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Could you send the replay through https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/index,
this will allow us to see what happened in depth

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Which Tokyo airport were you landing at?
Haneda, or narita?

Hello, sorry to hear that, which airplane were you flying to Tokyo with?

It was a Boeing 777 All Nippon Airways route Mexico City (MEX) to (RJAA) Il I ll nave to repeat the flight Again it seems

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-200ER, right? Nevermind, the only thing you can do is sending your replay or some screenshots.

It has happened to me sometimes… maybe check the replay and see what speed and altitute you were at the time

I’ve had this app for 8 years now and that never happened to me. Most likely you didn’t calibrate your device properly, or you stalled due to the weight.

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Planes don’t just stall for no reason. And there is a big difference between stalling and nose diving. Stalls are dropping out of the sky uncontrollably from flying at too low a speed or making too hard a turn. Nose dives are controlled and are caused by probably not calibrating or turning off the wrong AP setting.


Stall can occur in case of loss of power and the A/P is trying to maintain the set altitude. Did you check out your fuel?

Mexico to Tokyo is a fairly long flight. I’d suggest the likely reason may be taking off too heavy and not step climbing. This can lead to a stall at your cruise altitude which, if not recovered from, could result in a nose dive. See this post for more info on step climbing.

Hi so it happened again on a flight from Mexico City to La Habana Cuba on a small Aircraft plane started to loose altitude stalled and crashed no matter what I did to regain control of the plane it seemed also that the Infinite flight App had some sort of software problem my plane just got stuck in the míddle of a flight I wasnt even going too fast

Hi! Can you please provide us a replay of what’s happening?

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