Uncontrollable airplane

So I was doing a flight from EFHK to OMDB and suddenly my flight controls didn’t work, I pressed on the rectangles and it didn’t do anything, after two mins of fear that my plane is going to crash it was fine. And after 10 mins it happened again, first I wasn’t able to reply to the ATC, after that I wasn’t able to control my plane because I wasn’t able to disactivate the AP which didn’t work. And than my speed got reduced to 80 knots (I didn’t do anything). And two mins after the AP got disconnected and I was so slow that I crashed.

I’m sooooooooo angry about it… 5h of flight are now gone


This seems more like a device problem, has this issue occurred outside of the app? Also what are your device specifications?

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Yes… The device had some problems like this

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Was your device charging?

Then it is most likely a device issue, you should probably try contacting the company’s customer service line to figure out the problem

No, it was in my hands

Yeah… They won’t help me…

Oh cuz sometimes that happens to me when it’s charging

What are your device specifications?

Teclast T10

There’s really nothing we can do as you stated this issue happened outside of infinite flight as well, just contact there costumer service and see what’s wrong

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Should I reset it?

Yea, Try restarting it

No restart, reset

Well, try contacting costumer service at this number I found +86 203 873 1000

sounds epic.

They won’t help me…

Did the say that?

I read at the internet