Uncontrollable Aircraft!

Hey IFC!

Today, I was flying from Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita. After I turned final and the runway was insight, I calibrated the aircraft 2 times to disconnect the Auto Pilot but when I did this, the Aircraft Suddenly Pitched Down and it wasn’t responding at all so I couldn’t do anything and I crashed.

Same thing happened to me a few days back but after it happened today for the 2nd time I wanted to ask you guys about it…


What aircraft were you using?


First time I used the Qantas 787-9 and today I was using the JAL MD-11.

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Speeds and weights?


To add on, trim?


Happens to me sometimes too, make sure to not move ur device after calibrating.

Have you also thought about using an ils to land? It saves stressfull times while trying to land. If u want, you can also turn off appr nav1 just before touchdown if u want.


I tried to do all this, using trim and turning on the AP
My speed was 215 kts and I had 28° Flaps.
When it started going down, I put the flaps on full to force the aircraft to go up and my speed was increasing untill it reached 270kts before I crashed.
The Flaps didn’t help, the aircraft fell like a rock with even moving.

You were landing on 215kts?

That shouldn’t be a issue. Mind sharing your replay? I believe that will be able to help see what went wrong. You may use sharemyinfiniteflight.com to do so :)


I believe he was turning base.

Noo, I was on Final

Ah right ok

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I had already tuned Final

Ok one minute

So. U were on final, at 215 kts? If so, thats way to fast. I usually land on around 150kts


I believe that isn’t the issue, he mentioned that the aircraft pitched down.

No no, I was like 10nm away from the runway

Oh yeah fair enough sorry😂

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Haha no problem 😂

Ok so u mentioned that u calibrated twice, did u move ur device in the pause menu after calibrating?

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