Uncontrollable 747-400

I was planning on flying from VHHH to EGLL and then after that I will fly to CYYZ with the British Airways 747-400. Unfortunately I need to end the flight after 35 minutes after took off. I was cruising at 30000ft and the speed were losing and even I calibrated my phone and I was just stalling like hell, it went down from -200 ft to -6000ft/minute. The plane is just super hard to control, I don’t know how. There’s nothing I can do. Anyone has the same type of problem regarding controlling the 747-400? Like losing speed, stalling?

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Hi there! Unfortunately, the 747 has really outdated physics, meaning that stuff like this will happen and does happen.

Try using a lot of trim and carefully watching your speed and vertical speed. I’d also suggest flying some newer aircraft like the Boeing 777-200ER or the Airbus A350. You’ll find, for the most part, that the newer the aircraft is, the easier it is to fly and control.

Additionally, you can vote for the aircraft to be updated on the Boeing 747 Rework thread. A rework would greatly improve the aircraft’s physics and your overall experience.


I mean the b747 doesn’t do what you said above when it isn’t as heavy but that’s something that we have to deal with until the devs update this plane

try go heavy load, heavy load take off (95%) then you will see.
literally went bruh mode

I have and I have stalled too

alright then i guess i’m not flying the saturday 747 fly out then

I feel you, if you want to try the flyout you can. Just know the B747 might wobble around then eventually just stall

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i can’t cruise at low attitude. so i am not doing it. I hope they spend some time rework this thing. Sole this bruh plane

Most likely not right now because they’re in the process of reworking the b777 family then they might go onto the b757 which has TERRIBLE physics

Facts lol 757 are much worse.

Then maybe the A220 the A380 Bc those are the top voted ones 😂

A380? oh cmon another underrated massive boi getting a rework but not even the 747

It’s a big boi with a flat belly

With no wing flex making it a horrible sight to look at

facts they can now make airbus buluga

Exactly, anyways, we’re getting off topic,the question has been answered and you may flag for closure at anytime

Hey you two. You are now the only ones who write in this topic and it no longer looks as if this topic was still relevant. It would be nice if you could pull that into a PM :)

You need to gain lots of speed in your climb. At some point your pitch will be to high and you won’t be able to recover with a heavy plane. That’s why you need to build up a lot of speed

I’ve been flying the 744 in that configuration with no issues I’ve just been step climbing

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Well, y’all need to take a step back, stop complaining, and stop giving up on it. I read through the whole thread and not once did we try and solve the situation, rather jumping to the excuse that “it has bad physics”.

@Felix0811, what was your speed, vertical speed, trim, and flaps setting at the time of the incident?