Uncommanded turn

(This has been happening for a while)

Ever since I came back into flying, an issue popped up and it is when I do not have my autopilot turned on for heading.

For reasons unknown, my aircraft would do an uncommanded left/right turn. It doesn’t matter if the plane was in the air or on the ground. I tried reconnecting my joystick but the issue persisted.

(I checked if there was any topic on this and found none.)

Some details of my setup:
Joystick:Logitech Extreme 3D pro
Using Liveflight Connect

Could lag be a reason for this?


Are your ailerons linked to your rudder in the Infinite Flight settings? Try turning “auto-coordination” off and see what happens. Also try resetting/recalibrating your control axes with your joystick.

If that doesn’t work, it could be a problem with LiveFlight Connect. Do note though, that support and updates for LiveFlight Connect are no longer available as it is deprecated. You could try using an alternative software called Map Connect and see if it helps solve the issue. (I’m assuming you’re on iOS because for Android, you can plug the joystick into the device directly if you have the right adapter.)

Maybe a stupid question but are your joystick OK? Because even a little problem with the captors can make directions change

Well Map Connect would sometimes not recognise my device and not connect, hence I went to Liveflight Connect

Apart from the fact that it is a bit loose(but it has been like this even before it happened)
Also, when the uncommanded turn happens it isn’t a gentle turn(like what my loose joystick would do) but a pretty sudden and hard bank

I’ve had this issue, I was doing Houston to Heathrow and everything was fine and it did a left turn without command. I don’t use any extra things like a joystick etc, it just made the turn on its own.

Was your device calibrated correctly? You could do this by pausing the flight for a moment and clicking “Calibrate.”

If that didn’t fix it - this sounds more like an accelerometer issue though I could be very wrong.

In that case you could try resetting all axes in the settings (pitch, roll, and sensitivity) and then fully restart your device. It should fix all accelerometer issues.

As a final, last resort, if nothing else works, you may have to reinstall Infinite Flight. Make sure to take a backup of all replays on to Google Drive or iCloud or somewhere similar, before you delete and reinstall the app, or else you’ll lose them.

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I will try out your suggestions next flight

Thank you for taking the time to help.

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Well those choices didn’t work unfortunately

I feel like I may have had a similar issue where my plane will lock itself full-left aileron, regardless of calibration. My issue seems to stop, however; simply by closing and re-launching the game.

It happens to me every flight now
One moment all is alright the next moment Im turning left(and btw I just needed to hold the joystick and have the autopilot turned off)

It happened just a few minutes ago and it looks more like my plane’s ailerons are having a seizure now

I have recorded a video.(When the plane turns right suddenly, that is not me in control. I only turn left and stabilise the aircraft)

Is this happening without the joystick as well? In normal flight with just your device, and nothing attached?

Nope this happens only with the joystick(although I cannot really confirm until I do an approach using that method)

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