Uncleared for takeoff

Whoever was operating Air China 313, out of LAX, bound for SFO, you did not request takeoff clearance, and cut in front of me. Please use proper takeoff procedure.

keep in mind not everyone on IF has an IFC account

Sounds like a common TS situation you were waddling in.

If you don’t like to see this overwhelming amount of amateurism, go to ES.


I don’t quite qualify for ES yet.

Then work you’re way up to grade three
You’ll enjoy it a lot more

I’m closing in on it. Just a few more landings to go.

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I’d suggest avoiding the big hubs.

Go explore the world other than LAX or LHR.

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I’m going LAX-CLT. But he/she pulled a straight Tokyo drift at abut 25 kts and then just blasted off the runway.

Go to places in India or Africa

Been to India. Not a good place for me.

You could always look at people’s ATC tracking threads in #atc as they are people training for IFATC and won’t troll you

It wasn’t ATC. He/she just blatantly ignored standard protocol and took off. I did report him in the game.

The report button isn’t only available for mods and staff, and IFATC supervisors so it doesn’t work

There’s nothing we can do, this is a very common occurrence on training. Just get to expert where there are professional pilots and qualified atc.

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How about you get ghosted if you fail to execute standard protocol after a few times? I think that might cut down on takeoff fails.

How would the system recognise that? And the whole point of training server is to learn so it won’t be implemented on training

It’s called training server for a reason, people are still learning. AVOID large hubs if you do not want this to happen.

OK. Flagging for closure.

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