It’s absolutely unbelievable. iPhone XR, latest update, macOS.
This is happening to me at least once a week, updated to the latest Infinite Flight too, I delete all my replays, I restart my phone before and after every flight, my settings are on medium and low, I’ve heard all of this before and nothing helps. I was on final into YSSY after a 14 hour flight, and right as I click on landing gear down, the app crashes. It’s happening way too often for a monthly subscription, what are you all gonna do about this?


I would advise against this on an iPhone XR to be entirely honest. Lowest spec iPhone in 2018. It will be tough regardless.


Absolutely insane. For a professional company. Can’t believe this

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The problem is probably because you’re playing on an iPhone XR
I would recommend a higher spec phone or an iPad


The fact that a professional company is basically asking me to buy a phone that’s worth at least over €800 to run their app that costs €11 a month smoothly is beyond insane to me

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Then don’t play the game, it’s that simple
Playing something isn’t worth it if it’s not fun, and it sounds like you’re not having fun


You can run the app just fine. Just not for 14 hours straight.
Longer flights will naturally require more of your device, we can’t do anything about that unfortunately. Generally, mobile devices are not designed to have high performance applications running for that long.


You wouldn’t ask Microsoft to make MSFS playable on your phone, would you? You would go up to them and say “Why do I need to buy an Xbox to play your game, you’re a professional company”.
Then why is that the case here?

Your phone can’t handle it, now you can either take steps to make sure you can still enjoy the game or you can stop playing. There is no point blaming the company for your device.


I flew on an iPhone XR up until two days ago and had no issues with it. Probably because, like Schyllberg said, I didn’t run it for 14 hours straight. It’s a great way to ruin your phone… get a cheap tablet or something if you want to fly that long

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Being an iPhone XR user, I would not recommend flying for that long as this phone has only 3GB of RAM. With the amount of graphics and scenery cache it loads during flight, your phone will eventually give up on final. Better way will be to use the phone with atleast a 4GB of RAM. Thanks and hope it helps.


Unfortunately, you can’t expect that a game will run the same way on older devices as it does on new devices. Infinite Flight runs on the iPhone XR, it works. But you’ll run into difficulties when you fly for 14 hours.

It’s the same as with any other game on any other plattform. I can play a high-end 4K game on an old Nvidia GPU from 2018. But I won’t be able to play it on Ultra Settings, like if I had a new RTX4090.


I also have an XR, and I never do online flights with it. iPad is the way to go for long flights.

Apple 11 pro Max in the same boat? too old?, been through the dev. comp. thread, should be good, but it isn’t. App crashes even after all attempts to mitigate.

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@VirgilMapleYM The 11 series is 3 years old now. What graphics settings and airplane count settings are you using.

medium/low, low airplane count.

Are you restarting your device before each flight, especially before long haul flights?

I’ve done it all (that included, every time before a flight) literally. Just now deleted/re-installed for third time this year, I can’t keep not 10 replays in-app cause the storage demand starts ballooning.

Do you have apps in the background while playing Infinite Flight?

sky facing camera, low airplane count, exporting replays, normal power mode, clearing cache, no background apps (decided against this as with or with OUT iFops, IFAsst., and IFPass. the app still crashes) on wifi, on carrier data. Nothing works, 5/10 long-hauls, which is what I’m here for, app crashes. I could stay away from really busy airports/events, but then, that’s no fun…Just an hour ago it trashed a 12+ hours long haul into Boston

So you don’t have Infinite Flight’s Low Power Mode setting turned on? It’s highly recommended to have that turned on even on new devices as it reduces the load significantly. Turn that on - that should improve things.