Unbelievable trip

Hello everyone !
As I was sick of traveling from A to B, I thought of doing something new ! Then I got the idea of visiting the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It was one of my best trips !
The scenery was breathtaking and it was a very weird feeling to just visit and islands without landing there.

Flight information

Aircraft: Airbus A350
Flight time: 8h 13mins
Here you can see it better:

Just enjoy them:

Preparing for the big trip


Nowhere in the big ocean

Finally arrived !

This scenery is amazing

Another one

You can‘t get enough ? No problem !

After this expedition it was time to return ✈️
Approach into SAWH I know that this airport is too small for an A350 but the ATC let me land there :))

Not centerline but definitely butter :)

Engines cooling down

Have you ever been to the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ?

  • Yess !
  • I plan to do it :)
  • No !

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All in all this trip was a really cool experience and I will never forget it :)
I would appreciate a like and a comment !

See you in the skies ✈️


The “Sandwhich Islands” look pretty tasty to me. Lol. Nice photos though


Hahah man nice whilst I as in the line for the runway I pondered why there was a ‘German Aviator’ in an A359 who flew from the Sandwich Islands lol


now THIS is Infinite Flight at it’s best. Amazing pictures! I was really thinking of a good route to fly with my virtual airline (Aer Lingus) and you’ve now fully convinced me
respect for you

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@Kevinsoto1502 thanks
@AviatorNikola haha lol thanks
@Rian16 Thank you very much ! Good to hear :)

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Not like Paddington bears orange jam sandwiches literally :)

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What’s that map called that shows your routes?

LiveFlight :)

Thank you !

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Southern Argentina has some of the best scenery in south America 👌. Great Job.