Unauthorized Photo Upload

I can’t even upload the pic of the warning I got… :/

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Just found a duplicate… Can anyone close this please?

I don’t think Meta Topics are closed…

@JFKPlaneSpotter… Extract from previous response on "“Trademarked Photo’s” Max Sez… "I dislike lawyers or lawyer like individuals who pontificate without the proper research or accreditation. Copyrights protect original creative works such as paintings, songs, books, photographs and other original works of authorship “May be” protected via application to the Federal Copyright office Federal copyrights are registered per item or group and the item copyrighted must be identified as such on each item included. You’ll note on Web photo libraries copyright protected material has the owner and copyright identity clearly printed on the photo face for example. Most Web sites which contain copyright material will and must clearly state “Reproduction not authorized without the permission of the Originator or Reproduction authorized with the originator identified or word to that effect. Google reproduction requirements are clearly stated in your agreement and are not infringed unless marked IAW copyright regs. Bottom line, read the Agreement or Home Page of Web Sites that contain photo, prints ect. Follow there guidance. The chances of being Federally indicted for " Copyright infringement” for “personal” use if you don’t download by the 1000 of prints for resale you are golden. Note, my Momma told me never trust a Lawyer, Quasi Lawyer, Politician or Car Salesman. That’s my story and I’m stricken to it. (Edit/Corrected there may be a Schister watching!).

FootNote 1: This commentary may not be reproduced, copied, distributed an/or discussed outside the confessional without the express permission of the Originator.

FootNote 2. This is an AvGeek Site not Judge Judy! Please follow the posting guidelines."

I was trying to post a photo of an airport I edited that I emailed to myself and saved to my photo album…

I don’t think he means that. @JFKPlaneSpotter I’m having the same issue. I am unable to upload any photos now because it says it’s an unauthorized extension.

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What is causing this?

Yeah, for some reason, it doesn’t allow PNGs anymore…

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I know it is so annoying to have so many photos I want to upload but couldn’t and I took them myself

So that means we can’t upload screenshots from IF anymore? Or just screenshots in general. (I can upload pics fine, just not screenshots)

I tried you screenshots all the time and it still won’t work.

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Screenshots are PNGs. Due to their weight, they’ve been “forbidden”. You will have to convert every image you want to upload to JPGs or JPEGs.

It’s the saddest thing I have ever heard anybody say.☹️

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Now I’m just going to upload them through Imgur or Instagram :(


I already do it on imgur.

Yeah I uploaded a photo to Imgur and posted the link here earlier and it cut the top and bottom halves off the photo when viewed from the post here on the community. You have to click on it to view the full photo. That’s a big inconvenience.

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