Unauthorised Aircraft @ KSFO 281805ZJUN16

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1805Z

NOTAM: An unauthorised Thomas Cook A321 has been spotted at KSFO. It has been stolen by a retired pilot. His callsign is IFIA215. Fighter jets required to intercept. For interception, give yourself the callsign UAI(Number). Intercept the aircraft, no one knows where it is heading.


Load teh F-14…

Prepare for a race >:D

My callsign will be DUCK3


Got you on the ground!

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Good dive in teh wter!



Lol that moment when you accidentally turn off autopilot.

Lol nice flying though, I was hoping that when three fighters were on you that we’d form, but that’s cool, good scramble and intercept guys!

Lol, those noobs who past us at like 600knts was so funny


Lol. Btw, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to take some formation screenshots, would like to make a formation flight with people who can hold a heading altitude and speed, 100ft over water, at 200kts, in commercial jets. Maybe since you have power to post events you could somehow organize that sort of thing.

I’m not the best at formation :( I just go ahead at full speed and hope everyone just follows me.

But I can still post an event and say your hosting it.

That would be great, one for tomorrow 1400z in Sydney( I think that’s a free region) on ATC playground. With commercial jets capable of autopilot.

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Which airport in Sydney will you start?

lmao that was me,

I tried flashing my missiles at you :P


Start at YSSY head northwest to DONIC fly southwest to ABASS, break off and all land back to YSSY or wherever they wish.

From DONIC TO ABASS is where I’d like everybody to form, flying 100ft ASL AT 200kts, at least as flight lead I’ll be at 200kts so people can catch up and easily form with everyone else, preferably a V formation. And fly all the way to ABASS for max screenshots.

Thanks I will take it from there on the forum, if you feel the need to change the main description go for it, I’ve posted a detailed description of what everyone should expect. Thanks again!

Anytime dude. I love helping others on the forum.

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Is this event still happening?

It’s over, 2 F-22 and a F-14 made it crash into the ocean


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