Unathorized ATC change

I notice, often, that even though I am locked into an ATC frequency that I get shunted to some other frequency. Much to the annoyance of both myself and the previous ATC. When this happens on final approach it is a major problem. Please ‘lock’ frequencies!


Your issue is a bit confusing to me. Is your problem that other controllers are controlling the airport, even though you selected it to control at?

I don’t know if this should go in the #Live:ATC category or stay in support…

I’d like to know what he’s referencing before we make that decision

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Good point

Can you state the device, OS, version, etc.?

Helps the devs

Let me clarify. Several times now I have found my radio being automatically ‘switched’ to a different ATC station without changing to it - directly or via request. EG: On approach to KLAX and in touch with the tower for a 24L landing. On short final, after being cleared to land, my frequency got changed to some other airport. It has also happened on approach to KSAN. In fact it has happened a few times and at a few airports - with KLAX and KSAN being where I frequently encounter this problem.
Put simply - my radio automatically drops out of active ATC contact and mysteriously connects to another frequency.

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Nope! I checked the controller info, and there was not a change there. Other craft that were being given instructions before the autochange, were still receiving instructions, when I returned. Same controllers. Only thing I can think is that there is a temporary system drop out, which might produce the same effect. If that is the case, then I should be defaulted to the unicom frequency of the same airport, not some other arbitrary one. At which point it would autochange back to the active tower when re-manned.
Simply put, frequencies should be ‘locked’ in the first place and not autolocated.
Same goes for controllers. Aircraft frequencies should be locked and not queued (autochanged) to the newest aircraft request. Another, previously mentioned’ irritation.

I hate when this happens! :)

Hi…this happens when ATC side has a disconnection problem…means, when iam on ATC for some Airport, sometimes from server side/ or low Internet connection, my signal get orange for some seconds. When back online, some of the planes are still at my frequency, but some got switched to unicom…
Why this only affects some planes i dont know, but its a common Problem…


Well sadly there is none… So long there are disconnects on any side…this error will occur randomly…

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