Unaligned LOC and GS at St. Maarten

Is this a bug or are you just not aligned dead center?

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What’s wrong with it your not on either of them?

No. It is unaligned. The reading is, supposedly, 95 degrees. If you dialed to it, you never get to the runway. You have to head to 98 degrees and then you are “almost” aligned. By the way, St. Maarten should be at 96 degrees.

Too low on the slope. Reduce your -VS and you’ll cross paths with the glideslope.

I notice also there’s some wind. This will affect which heading the nose of your plane is pointing vs which direction you actually fly


This heading may just be because it hasn’t been updated in a while. The runway heading changes over time, so it could just be something they missed. For example, before the A320 update, the runway at KNUC was 23 but now it is 24.

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Yes, it could be that. Thanks.