Unacceptable error

One thinks that is flying quietly and it’s tour out that it’s crashed, with a flight time for a 4 hours throw away and that we received in return, just a better apology?, as if that comfort me, I think or not what other members think, should compensate us, well all pay annual or monthly subscription many pay to enjoy it all day and it’s turns out that they dropped the system, we should receive a good simulator, we shouldn’t settle for a apology, it’s your obligation to make a good work, we all shut up but there should be enough.

And yes, I feel upset and angry…
Because I will receive the same answer, “it was not our wrong, it’s that of the database provider, or the host server”
Your usual friend,!!!

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Hey there,

We dislike server outages as much as any user, and the last thing we want is for these to happen. Our outage tonight was resolved in under an hour, during which it required us to identify the issue from our end, attempt to solve it and then being in contact with our external providers to understand the root of the issue.

We tried to keep everyone in the loop whilst getting everything online as quickly as possible, and we have been working all evening to gather data and begin implementing improvements to avoid a situation like this happening again.

None of us at Infinite Flight want downtime, but unfortunately, issues with a large online stack like ours can arise unexpectedly. Our terms don’t offer any service-level agreements in place with your subscription to provide compensation (bearing in mind this downtime is less than 0.01% the length of a one-year sub).

Thanks for being a subscriber, we can only assure you we’re working on improving things :)