Unacceptable behaviour from some “expert” players

Here you have an example of some players that break the rules as soon as ATC goes off. If you’re one of them, please stop. Go on the casual server if you want to do that. You’re ruining the experience for everyone. This player should face the consequences for his behaviour, here is the replay file and a SS of his profile.

Profile (maybe the identifier will help) :

Replay file :


Wow grade 4 doing this on expert server? Not what you expect and not good.

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Hey! Sorry to hear you didn’t have the best experience. The expert server should not have this behavior and agree with you 100 percent. Since the incident occurred at an airport without ATC coverage, not too much can be done. If they were to do this with a supervisor, mod, or controller around consequences would follow. Sorry again for the poor experience. Users should not be engaging in that kind of behavior on the expert server.


That behavior should not be on the expert server.


It looks like there was an IFATC, but didn’t you report it?

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There was ATC, as soon as @Andrew_Swift (sorry for the ping) logged off at KEWR. This guy started cutting people and taking off while people were landing/ taking off. I can’t report him from the app unfortunately.

It’s Grade 4, but I don’t think it’s okay to do that. It’s also on the expert server.

I hope there will be a lot of rules that can be reported when meeting such users in a place without control.

A report button for grade 3 players and higher would be welcome. Not saying they should give a violation to the person if he gets reported once but when you get multiple people reporting that person they should probably start looking into it and applying the proper consequences for his behaviour.

It doesn’t matter to other servers, it would be nice if it was used only on expert servers

Thanks for the report. I’ve contacted the identified member here on the forum and directed them to review and/or respond to you when able. This absolutely isn’t tolerated and I hope they’re able to see how these actions impact others.


Thank you Tyler

Thank you! Please punish as strongly as it happened on the expert server.

No need to punish it’s a learning experience.

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What should be noted in this situation is that it is an expert server

Thanks for the report. As Tyler stated it will be continued via PM.