Unacceptable Behavior

So I was getting some practice done by controlling KLAX tower on the Training Server. (Yes, I know its TS and I shouldn’t expect them to fly like ES, but there still needs to be some professionalism / realism.) EGLL was busy, so I was not going to allow pattern work at the moment.

I had one user (I censored your name, but you know who you are) who requested for touch and go’s on runway 37L. I let the user know that touch and go’s were not allowed / accepted at the time, and so the user requested to land, which I gave him / her clearance for. As the A380 of this user lands, I tell aircraft holding short to line up and wait while I tell the A380 to exit the runway. The user replies to all of my messages / instructions, however he / she decides to pop a u-turn in the middle of 27L and head straight to the aircraft that is lining up and waiting. As the A380 gets closer to the other aircraft, I tell the user to watch his / her surroundings for other aircraft. Nothing was stopping the A380 from taxiing head on to a 787 as the A380 eventually ended up right in front of the 787. I command the A380 pilot to exit the runway, and all he / she does is spam the takeoff request button. No other commands worked and so I had no choice but to give clearance as this plane was causing a lot of traffic. (It made a u-turn and took off) As the A380 takes off, the user calls in for landing again / for pattern work, and I repeat myself by saying touch and go’s are currently not allowed. This user then kept on spamming the landing request until he / she landed.

What irritates me here is the fact that nothing could be done, and that some users who are not as ready are already flying in more populated areas.

Here are some censored pics. (Can send vid)


that should be Casual behavior lol


ok that is bad


Welcome to Training Server…


Ugh I feel your pain! At that point I just ignore them and hope the pilot of the aircraft that’s next in line will just taxi/takeoff with the way. But sometimes if you broadcast that notams will be enforced by ghosting they sometimes listen. Sometimes.


I know right… The point of the training server is supposed to be for those who are preparing to be part of the expert server. If you want to fool around and mess with the ATC, just stick go casual


Thing is, there is no ATC on casual. Thats why people want to fool with ATC without actually being ghosted, thus ruining others’ experiences.


Yup. The 787 did not want to go through him, causing traffic haha. I really wish I could’ve reported this user. I would love to send an uncensored pic through staff PM if they do such things with player reports.


Wow, unbelievable. Unacceptable behavior shouldn’t be allowed on the servers. Even I have problems on flying in Casual, but it’s not even as bad as that!


Yup, it’s times like these where I wish I had permission to report in game


Wow, the worst I’ve seen in a while 🙄

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You could contact a mod, like Tyler, and he could sort it out

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What adds the cherry on top was the fact that there was an a330 who also kept doing and requesting touch and go’s despite my rejection and announcement

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Yeah I most probably will.

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No use in posting this, nothing can/will be done since it is training server, however this situation is unacceptable behaviour even for TS!

No excuse for this kind of stuff, moderators or whoever should be doing something about it. The ‘its a training server excuse’ is so redundant. Is it a training server or the do-whatever-the-hell-you-want server?

As an ATC you should maybe request a feature to ghost these kinds of people. Too many have filtered themselves into the expert server and nobody does anything about it.

Actually, they can do something even on training server if agreed by Tyler

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If you want practice don’t control LAX or EGLL.


Surely the only way to become a good competent ATC at these airports is to practice at these airports? Penalise the fools not the training ATC.

I know your pain. I used to see aircrafts that ignored all my instructions and takeoff anyway, caused the plane on short final to go around. Then made a 180 right after airborne and landed at the opposite side of the parallel runway, while there were traffics on the short final for landing. Just ignore those trolls.