Unacceptable amount of lag in the Southern California region

So I was in a delta a330 trying to land in the horrific amount of lag it was not possible to control my aircraft due to the lag I have an iPad Air 2 and I didn’t spend extra money to get this amount of lag now my 1 hour flight was a waste of time


Can you send a screenshot of your graphics settings? One thing that causes me lag is setting the amount of other aircraft in Live to “High” or “Very High”.

Try setting the Airplane Count to either Low or Medium.

Well, it happened, time to accept it.


Did this happen to anyone else my iOS isn’t on the newest update could this have caused it

Build a bridge man it happens decrease your settings don’t fly on TS1 or up your internet. Crying about it isn’t going to do anything.


When did I “cry” I was wondering if this happened to anyone else

This does t seem like you’re asking if others are experiencing it.

And how am I crying about it also I didn’t pay 500$ to have this amount of lag

What on earth did you pay $500 for?!


The new iPad hoping that the lag would go away

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Should’ve investigated. How’s your wifi.

Internet provider man if you don’t have the upload speed a device isn’t going to help. But you can try decreased settings

I think it’s the wifi because it’s horrible I’m going to try to update it

If it’s the wifi don’t blame infinite flight. They aren’t invited charge of your internet bud or what devices you choose to buy.


If it’s SoCal TS1 what do you expect also your Wi Fi may be the problem

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Run one of these.

SoCal, TS1, High aircraft count can also contribute.

[I use an Air2 as well and do not experience lag.]

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Did you not hear what I just said

I’ve experienced a lot of lag the last two days, especially while controlling on ts1. Certain planes would pop up “unknown” for the call sign, and periodically all comm would be lost and be restored within a minute. This is on multiple devices - Samsung s7 edge, and two separate iPad Air 2s. I just assumed it was a known server issue and they were trying to get it resolved.