"Unable" Vs "See tutorials"

I have just been on TS1 flying into KPSP, I made Left traffic from the north for runway 31L.

Before I start, let me explain something about myself - I am a weapons controller onboard the E3D, in real basic terminology a military ATC within the battle space so you can be assured this comes with knowledge and experience. I just wanted to bring some learning to IFC and hopefully improve the response I regularly receive when I reply “unable” to a command from ATC.

I was directed to turn right 150 while at 3,500ft ready to enter the Palm Springs pattern, the unfortunate thing here is - if I turned hdg 150, I would have crashed into the mountain to the west of KPSP, obviously I replied “Unable” to be told to “follow instructions” and “see the tutorials…”.

Controllers should question why an aircraft (already off flightplan), is using unable - aircraft can only disregard a command from ATC in the interest of flight safety, try to raise your Situation Awareness of the airfield or area you are controlling so you can understand why an aircraft cannot follow an instruction. Understanding an airspace is even more important when you are a terminal (tower) controller, due to the terrain you operate in. So take a few minutes to understand the airspace prior to controlling, and take a few seconds to assess why an aircraft is “unable”.

If anyone ever has any questions, please just DM me 👍🏼, apologies if this seems like a rant - it is just annoying me as it’s happened a few times in the same location over the last few weeks.
Cheers, Mags.


Okay, I clearly understand the problem same as the community. You are well experienced, the ATC not as much. Who knows if this guy knows how to direct traffic properly. That’s why there is a Training Server. Where people train themself to be better and improve their knoweledge of basic skill and advanced too. If you want to avoid these problems, clearly the Expert Server is going to suit you well. So just to sum it up, it’s the Training Server. 😉

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I sound aggressive all the time, it’s more of a learning point out post rather than me pointing fingers haha I do fly the expert server - when it’s got ATC and is busy enough to make it more fun. Thanks for the reply though buddy!


Well that’s TS1 for you, that’s what you can expect.


You’d think after around 2 years, I’d have learnt by now haha 🙈


TS1 SoCal I’m afraid - it’s a disaster. Go to other TS1 locations with ATC (ideally paid regions) and check #live:atc for people opening if you want quality ATC on TS1. When you get to expert I assure you that wouldn’t happen


As others said, TS1. You can count yourself lucky if you don’t get vectored into a mountain.