Unable to watch other pilots replay.


I’ve got a small issue with watching other pilots replay after they’ve shared them with me. I run the latest android version and also downloaded 19.1.2 of IF but after I download a replay from another pilot I can’t watch it because my device says it can’t find a suitable app for it to replay the flight. Am I doing something wrong and is it just a “settings” issue on my part or is it something else maybe? Can someone help?

Device Samsung Galaxy S9

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I am also having the same issue

Device: Samsung S8
Android: 9.0
Infinite Flight version: 19.01.2

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How are they sending you the replay?

Ideally, they would save it to a cloud, change permissions so that it is shareable, then copy the link and send you the link. When you click on the link, it should ask you if you want to download it. Do that, and clicking on it should open it in IF (the only application which will allow viewing, since it’s a native IF file type; there are no other applications which will play it.)

Thanks for your reply Tim! The issue is that it doesn’t give me the option to open the replay in IF. Everything else works.

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Well, I believe the flight replay file comes out in a .replay format, not .mp4.

That is probably why it is asking you to find a compatible app, because not many apps, (or only IF), support the .replay file format. Most applications don’t use the .replay format.

Did you save it to your files first?
Once you do, clicking in it on a device with IF installed should just open IF.

No I didnt save it to my files yet. I’ll give it a try and get back to you mate!

Nope it doesn’t do it… really weird hey…

Okay, well, @Chris_S might be able to offer some assistance. Perhaps not immediately, but when he has a chance this afternoon or evening.

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Are you using Drive to save the file?

There might be a quirk with that where you have to make it a shared file on your end as well. Each cloud service has its own little idiosyncrasies.

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