Unable to vote

I recently joined the forums/the community and have never voted before but am still unable to vote it constantly says there is an error . Someone Please Help



Could you please provide a screenshot of the error you are seeing?

Thank you!

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@AndroidPilot He clearly said he had never voted before. Please read before posting.

Have you refreshed the page?

Sorry never noticed.

If everyone could take a chill pill or two i’ll have an answer based on facts for you shortly :)

Thank you!


He said that he has never voted before

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A 403 error usually means you are forbidden from doing whatever you tried to do. Try:

  1. Logging out and back in after a few minutes
  2. Try different devices
  3. Try different Wi-Fi/3G/LTE sources

I found a couple of related topic on discourse and another website:

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So, took a while but here it is.
It’s due to trust level. You are currently TL0 (New user), and currently users with that trust levels aren’t given any votes. It’s really easy to get up to TL1 though, just click around for a while and read a few topics :)

Current voting limits:
TL0: 0 (no votes allowed)
TL1: 5
TL2: 10
TL3: 15


Thanks, Very helpful

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