Unable to use purchased plane

I recently came back to Infinite Flight and realized that I cannot download my buyed planes that where the 777-200ER, the 787-10 and the 767-300. It shows: Only available with pro subscription. Any way I can fix that?

What happens when you press the “Restore Purchases” button at the bottom?

Nothing. It shows the same thing as before.

Are you logged into the same google/facebook account as before?

Yes. I am on the same account.

Hmmm, how long ago did you purchase these aircraft? As their whole purchasing system has changed with the global update…

About 1year ago.

Bought the 787 immediatly after he went out

That might be the reason… You can’t purchase aircraft now by themselves, you have to have a global subscription. Unfortunately I think you will need to purchase global to get those planes back.

So that means I lost my money or?

Their are some people that definetely know more than me, wait for their response for further answers.

Ethan, those that purchased items one by one before were grandfathered in and didn’t get their purchases taken away. There is something else going on here.


Well I can try reinstalling the game … idk

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Oh got it. Sorry to misguide you @MatPilote13


No problem it’s ok


Those purchases are tied to your Google Play account/Apple ID. Check if you are logged in with the correct account.

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I have just checked it now for you!

I’m currently on android with a Pro sub.

I have bought IF on iOS as well. I’ve downloaded IF on my children’s iPad mini, with the same account I’ve bought IF as well as 1 aircraft.

WITHOUT logging in with my Pro sub, I was able to download all the free aircrafts as well as the A321 which I have purchased separately, plus I was able to start a solo flight in one of the remaining regions.


I think a lot changed since you’ve tried IF last time, so I would recommend a month’s Pro subscription to see how things changed! 😉

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I would check for you as i had an issue trying to get my purchased regions back, but if i check aircraft, i wont be able to fly the tbm, non pro anymore. If it glitches out on the tbm and resets my aircraft, ill give it a try as i bought alot of aircraft before global.

Edit, i checked but didn’t switch aircraft. On my same account i have all aircraft purchased available after purchase restore.

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