Unable to use a PNG Picture as Profile Picture

I’m changing my profile picture once again. My old profile picture was also a PNG image and it worked, making the background see-through.

Now, I’m trying to put this picture (👇) as my new profile photos but every time I end up with a white background.

PNG Image

Can anyone help?

You need a transparent background.

I saved it as one.

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Well it should be see through then

image image

I know, that’s the whole problem.

Try deleting the profile picture or changing it to the default one then restart the IFC and try again

Here’s the PNG picture again:


Your profile picture from my PC is the one you want to have. No joke.

You can save the image and put it on another picture if you don’t believe that it’s a PNG image.

Really? That’s strange. I am using my iPad right now…

I’m on my iPad and the background is white, I saved the image and imported it into Adobe Spark and it didn’t say if I wanted it transparent or not.

I’m on my iPad and I can confirm @Claudio’s statement.

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That it is transparent after all?

Seems you succeeded as @Claudio said, or do you want to have it look different than that:

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Well, uploading another one right now. Let’s see if we have the same outcome!

Nope, I want it as a transparent image and not have that white background @JulianB!

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All right, got it, thanks for clarifying.
Was just wondering as the picture you Shared in the initial Post also has a white background.

Maybe try a different application as that one might be lying.

It’s definitely not “lying”. I have used that software for just over a year now and it’s been working every time I’ve used it.

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