Unable to Turn Off Detailed Performance Summary

Hello Fellow Community Members,

When global flight was initially released, I was having some issues with preformance, and decided to turn on the performance summary. Now, since the issues have died down a bit, I would like to turn them off, but I cannot seem to find the option for it. Perhaps it was removed in the hotfix, and it’s still displaying for me?

In the picture above you can find what I’m referring to in the top left corner. I have restarted my app and device and it hasn’t gone away.

iPad Air 2
iOS 10.2.1
Latest Version of Infinite Flight

Hey! Try a reinstall of the app and it should go away :) The option did go away for veiwing the performance so a re8nstall should reset the settings…

Go into your settings and disable it.

There seems to be no setting for it anymore, at least not on my screen.

Hmmm, just checked on my iPhone and it is gone. You are correct. My apologies.

Try deleting the app and reinstalling like Brandon said above and let us know what happens.

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I just confirmed that this will go away with a delete and reinstall of the app. Should work for you as well 😉


I would give you the solution, but @Brandon_K beat you to it ;)

This topic can be closed now. Thanks!

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Brandon is one of our very helpful Regular members. He just owes me 20 push-ups now.

Glad to see that this worked for you. Cheers