Unable to tune out or change Frequency

I was on approach at AMS and was instructed to change frequency to one that was not online while that is an issue in its own my key problem is that i was not able to tune out or change frequency from the one that I was on to the one I was told to contact. It just kept flashing and wouldnt change.

I was on tower and was told to contact another tower which i did and told them i was inbound on ILS but it put me in a unicom frequency and wouldnt let me out of it even though i was still getting messages from the 1st tower to follow instructions.

I wasnt able to upload a screen recording here so attaching a shared link

Recording - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K2ym5ocCzvwPBDJCYuHFVNPUziK4FCH-/view?usp=sharing

The best things you could do in that situation are:

  • PM the controller and explaining the situation
  • Switch your callsign to NORDOS, which means that you cant communicate with the controller
  • Quit your flight

For resolving the issue, how was your connection in that moment?

Yeah I ended up quitting it (so I didnt get ghosted) just sad to be on final after a 16 hour flight. Connection was perfect wifi wise (its just me and strong connection). I was however having the sound issue that is also mentioned in the support channel where ATC/Game Sound totally disappears out of the blue. This is the 4th/5th time ive had the sound issue but 1st ive had this so i dont feel like the two are connected but that was the only issue I was having.

I have also had this happen to me. What you could try next time if the problem reoccurs is going to the map and tuning into frequencies from there by clicking the open airport and toggling to info (I believe it opens on this page). There you will see a list of open frequencies for the airport including approach, departure, and ATIS. Sometimes the system works with one method and not the other. If this doesn’t work, unfortunately, the only way to get it back would be to exit the flight. It does suck after a ULH. Hope this helps! 😄

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Did this happen just once or is this happening often?

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