Unable to tune into Mexico Center

Down here at MMSD I have Mexico Center on duty but no option to tune in. Any idea as to why this is?

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Maybe you’re too far away from where Center is. At what airport is Center being controlled?

Are with within the max emitter range? You can only connect if you’re within that range (of which I believe is 400nm) and you must be in the air. Cheers!

MMPR. Not to far and still in the boarder of service

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Alright it looks like you are within range

As @AviationChampion said, are you in flight?

Yes in flight and range. Very odd. Its grayed out

It seems like the server was down for a few minutes, try again now… And maybe switch wifi off and turn it on again


I assume you mean that on the map, when you try to tune in you can’t; the box is grayed?

EDIT: I think Robin has you covered

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Yes trying to tune in via the atc info window

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It seems the server was down like Robin said, so just try to tune out and then back into the center frequency.

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Trying WiFi reset right now

Sounds good

Are you trying to tune in by the ATC box as well?

Unfortunately it does not even give the option. Right now it just shows NO FREQUENCY

Hmm, that’s pretty odd… maybe try flying closer?

Yes all attempts. After reset the only frequency available is for MM71

Well I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what else to do now. Hopefully someone else can help you. For now I’d just keep the ATC window open and monitor it just in case there is a change

Tap on Mexico City airport and u should have an option to tune center

Well I am headed back to SNA. If someone has contact with controller can you ask to send a on guard message

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Have tried that several times. Real strange