Unable to tune into ATC frequency


When approaching OJAI today, I couldn’t tune into the approach and ground frequencies.
In the pictures below you can see that even though I’m less than 35nm from the airport, the only available frequencies are ATIS and Tower.

It’s also weird that I got that close to the airport without being sent on guard message or getting ghosted. It’s like the approach controller couldn’t see me at all. Strangely enough, few seconds after I took the screenshots, the tower controller switched and suddenly I could contact approach.

Tower should appear at <~25nm. Can you tune to it using the map and selecting the airport? Sometimes that will let you tune.

Hi Chris,

No, I couldn’t tune in by neither of these methods.
I also found it strange that I could tune into tower from that far away.

It happened the same to me. Y could contact tower but not approach. I could contact ground

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Sometimes if the controller just logged on or off it can do that. There’s really nothing you can do at this point.

Got it. As long as you guys are aware of that issue.

Thank you!

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You couldn’t tune to the Ground frequency? What exactly do you mean? (is that a typo?)

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