Unable to tune into a FIR

Hi everyone! I’m currently flying between Auckland and Sydney at FL360 and I am unable to tune into Auckland Oceanic FIR even though I am in the coverage area and at a suitable altitude. Is this a known issue or is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks, all, and have a great day!

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Are you sure you are close enough to the airport it is being broadcasted from? It should show controller name @ ICAO, and if you are farther than 450 nm from it you won’t be able to connect to it even if you are within it’s boundaries

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I believe I am, and I’m in the white bordered zone which should get me coverage regardless right?

Yes I am, I figured it might be something new with the update

Depending on where Center is broadcasting from and where you are, you may be outside their max emitter range

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Hmm. A bit strange. All I can think of is what Alexander has stated above. Good Luck!

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Sadly their range is not the white borders, but 450nm from the place it is being broadcasted from. Would you mind sharing your callsign so I can look up your position and the distance to the airport it is being broadcasted from?

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Oh ok thanks, so the borders don’t really mean too much when we are over the ocean then?

Not really, no. You’re limited to a 450nm range from the emitting point.

Edit: it’s 405, not 450. I remembered wrong.

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Delta 928VA in a 772LR/ER i forgot haha

Yep, that’s it. The center is being broadcasted from Auckland (NZAA), and right now you’re a bit less than 600 nm away from it which is quite a lot more than it’s max emitting range.

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It’s a range on 405nm.

Why do the white boundaries exist in the first place? It seems kind of useless if there’s a 405 nm limit and it confuses many people. That could of came across as passive aggressive but it was an actual question haha

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These are the IRL airspace borders. They limit the jurisdiction (sorry for not coming up with a better word) of the ATC center.

IRL communication is done differently (e.g. HF communication or DataLink communication), but as we don’t have this mirrored in IF we have the 405NM limit here.

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If you tap on the airspace (make sure you have the airspace’s layer on) you can find out if you are in range.

The boundaries show the FIR area, in real life you wouldn’t expect to be in contact with ATC more than 405nm away from the emitting station.

Basically, if you are in the white airspace, check if you can tune to centre. You mostly always are, but the larger firs are where you will exceed the range.


Oh ok, thank you Adam!! Makes much more sense now, thanks!

Not an app issue so I’m closing it.