Unable to subscribe

Hello there! Sorry to bother you. Since update 20.2 I’ve been desperately trying to resume a subscription to Infinite Flight. But Google keeps refusing me payment. Whether it’s PayPal or even a Google play card…
Apparently the problem comes from the billing address which doesn’t correspond between the different accounts. But after having regulated everything, it still doesn’t work. Uninstalling and reinstalling do not solve the problem…
I could use a little help here 😅

I think this is not with Infinite Flight but with Google, so they probably can’t help here.

I agree with that. Some mods may be able to help but if the issue is with payment then that typically is on either Google or Apple’s end. I would probably contact them if you have any issues.

Hello! Though this is a issue to do with Google and not Infinite Flight, I will try to help as much as I can.

Please check out this article and try the troubleshoot methods there:

If you still can’t fix your issue, please contact Google Play Support with the link below:

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thanks guys ! i’ll try to solve that

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