Unable to start up on IOS 9.1

I have an iPad 2 and have not upgraded to IoS 9.1 for this very reason.

Hope fixe it soon. I want to fly new plane

I was trying to downgrade my ios but i can’t

@LGBT, @Enriqueny1981: quick idea here, what language is your phone set to? If not English, try to switch your device language to English US and let me know if that fixes the problem.

Edit: also it would help if you guys could send me the crash log by PM. To find the crash log follow instructions here

@philippe , I’m on a 6+ running iOS 9.2 BETA. I sent (submitted) Matt multiple crash logs yesterday. It even crashed when I tried to submit them 😐.

I uninstalled TF and installed RTM version. I then reinstalled both, and was able to launch.

If you need any other info from me, let me know.


I just Sent it by email. Hope i choose right one