Unable to start up on IOS 9.1

First I would like to say I really enjoy this app and have given it rave reviews with many off my Sims enthusiastic friends of mine and online. But ever since Nov. 6th I have been unable to start up the game on my iPhone 6plus. It will load to the Logo screen of IF then crash. I have restarted my phone. I have done a complete reboot, removed and re-installed the app, then did more searching and remove the cache, removed unnecessary apps as well to create more memory and, so on and so forth. I need help in fixing this issue. Thanks in advance.


I have the iPod 6, iOS 9.1 and it works fine. I think its just the device problem (guessing)

I don’t think so really. All my other apps work great with no issues. My phone isn’t lagging or showing any signs of device issues and all of a sudden I was doing a flight then, I had a phone call come it. Of course it then switched to the call. Once I was done with the call and I reverted back to the Sim and that is when everything started. Haven’t been able to play since. But thank you for the response. Waiting to see if a dev or anyone else that can give me some input on the situation.

@philippe should be able to help

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I sent him a PM. Hopefully he can sort this out for me.

if ur talking about when u take a call and hang up ur game freezes, i have that problem but most of the time I’m able to start from where i left off, in live!!!

@natzoo Yes and no actually. I have that happen as well and in live it will either take me back to where I was or I need to start over. As I stated it will go to the logo screen and either freeze there or crash. At times it will not even make it to the logo screen before it crashes. I will mention that late lastnight I did manage to get on and fly for a bit. Thinking it was solved after I reset, rebooted and so on (Again for the hundred times). But now, today same issue.

Did you try to re-install Infinite Flight?

Yes I did. I did mentioned it on my primary post :).

Sorry, missed that part. There has to be something different about your phone configuration since this is not an issue that seem to be common. Are you on wifi? cellular? did you try in Airplane mode?

@matt, any idea what can have caused this? maybe a server side change that could affect some iOS users since the Android release?

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No worries at all. I’m on wifi at all times to my knowledge. I never seem to bother with that feature.

@Philippe, @matt so, I’m excited about the update and thinking my problem would be resolved. If I re-installed the app, reboot my phone and all the other recommeneded suggestion that I’ve done already prior. But to my surprised it hasn’t been fixed. Waited patiently for the update as well waiting for help on this situation. And, now I can’t participate in this update when I as well as many iOS users have been smeared to an enormous extent by other players who have it (Andriod ppl. Not bitter lol) by how awesome it is and the-ever-so awaited A320 and all I want to do is play and revel in the hype. But nothing. So it’s pretty simple… Help PLEASE!

I really feel sorry for you. If I were you I would also ask for any monies back from apple/fds if you’ve been paying for live+ whilst not being able to use it.

How much space do you actually have available on your device?

It is hard for us to find a solution out of thin air; We didn’t find any other report of your issue so far and we can’t reproduce the problem locally. We will keep looking but it might take some time for us to find the root cause.

Thank you for your patience.

@makeaflightforfun I’m sure that they will have a solution and I won’t be resorting to that extreme just yet. As I stated I do really enjoy the app. So here’s to having hope :).

@Philippe I have 15.9 GB space left over on my device. As to finding a solution “out of thin air”. I know that isn’t the case. Just really, well dissappointed I can’t play the new update. I am a patient person and as I stated to Makeflightforfun. I have hope it will be resolved quick.

Regards JR

Is your OS stock 9.1 or a beta release of some sort?

Not sure what can cause this; I have two iOS devices (5S phone and Air 2 tablet), one running a Public Beta 9,2 OS (note that it ran 9.1 public beta prior to this with no trouble with IF), and one running the version pre 9.1, - none have the issue. After your reboot and reinstall, does the app still crash immediately after the launch screen, or can you actually get in and do some flying now before it happens?

@a_gudimenko Good morning,

Yes my iOS is 9.1 and not a beta release and I have an iPhone 6plus. And, also yes when I do a re-install, reboot as well as deleting my phone in two stages. First, I deleted and used a previous back up. Downloaded the app and still nothing. The second time I deleted my phone and reconfigured it as a brand new phone. No other apps just with what the phone comes with. Downloaded IF and still I start up the app and I see the Logo and it then crashes to the home screen. So no I am not able to do any flying.

Would be great to confirm this issue with other users. If you see anybody else on facebook or here that is reporting a startup crash on the iphone6 plus please invite them to this thread.

A third party library we are using was recently updated (after we sent the update to Apple) to address a potential startup crash. Our next update (should be a quick one) will include that fix but without a way to reproduce this on our end it is hard to guaranty that this will fix your issue.

Thank you for your patience.


I have same problem. Ipad2. Version 9.1 (13b143)
Model MC770LL/A
Game crash when loading. If by good luck 1 out of 20 restart game frezze after showing main menu.

I already unistall and install the game couple times and nothing. Only thing i notice with this ios version. The Ram usage is way high even my ipad only have to 2 aplication on it.

@Enriqueny1981 Welcome to my world. Now I don’t feel like an outsider on this issue. I know that in time this will be fixed promptly.