Unable to spawn over aircraft or at wrong gate

Hi all!

I would love it if there was a part of the code in live which stopped you from spawning if somebody else was within range of the gate!

I understand that it would be lots of work for the airport editing team and programmers but i believe it would be worth it especially on expert to maintain levels of realism and all you would need is preset dimensions of the biggest plane allowed at that gate then when making airports just applying it to each gate? Maybe even just at the major airports to lower the workloads and stop this:

Another part of this request is to have only certain aircraft allowed to spawn at certain gates and airports maybe only on expert again but to bring the realism so you dont have civilian aircraft at KNUC and A380’s at Robin Hood Airport and on the flip side you don’t have GA at an airport that does not accept GA! I understand this is also hard but i aim for this to only be implemented on expert to lower the work load and still allow fun! The enforcement could include a warning and then a violation like usual or another method! Feel free to suggest!

Thanks for reading this and hopefully for your vote!


PS: Please do not comment “but its funny” or something as that is why i put possibly just on expert and possibly training server on second thoughts and that’s why i only want it at regularly used airports to lower the work load and to bring some realism and it will stop having a 737 at Wickenby Aerodrome where the taxiway and runway is not big enough!

It wouldn’t be an issue for airport editors at all. We already set what aircraft type goes at the gate.

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But that doesn’t stop other aircraft spawning there does it?

No because it isn’t in the game yet. And there is nothing in WED (which we use to edit airports) we can use to fix that


It’s simply not feasible for everyone to know every plane and every route out of every airport. Yes, the programmers could figure it out, setting aside the actual code required for a moment, but it doesn’t enhance the end-user experience in any way. If IFATC is covering four airports and every user has to look up “what models go in and out in every third Tuesday of the month?”, how does that enhance the user experience.

Yes, it sates the thirst for Realism™, but it doesn’t enhance the end-user experience a bit. There are some things that just have to be set aside. Yeah, we know 388s don’t belong at EGLC. That stuff shouldn’t happen. But “sorry, but the 340 doesn’t come here with that livery” for an airport without size limitations doesn’t serve anyone well.

It’s great that everyone has their home airport and a couple others that they know by heart all procedures and all routes and all models, but no one knows the entire Globe. And it doesn’t make the sim more fun to bounce around like a ping pong ball because you picked the wrong livery.

I’d love to see more realistic…flight. If someone spawns in a Delta 717 at Kuala Lampur, I couldn’t care less. When they’re 20 miles from landing at FL280, it actually affects something.

I understand the R-word. I get it. But there are places where implementation of it actually lessens the experience. Some things you just have to get over. An encyclopedic knowledge of every airport in the world can’t be a prerequisite to play the sim.


I am not referring to at a certain time just saying about the max size allowed on that gate!

You picked out the time part ;) the most obviously hyperbolic, jokey part. You know what I meant. “Oh, no, a United livery at a Delta gate.” That kind of stuff. The third Tuesday… was for comedic effect.

I’m all good with keeping 388s out of GA tie-downs. Just not with becoming livery police or making enormous restrictions on what can fly where which requires everyone to know the detailed workings of every Global airport. And, sadly, that means you’ll still have commercials at KNUC. It’s just a trade-off.


I only wanted 380 away from GA! Nothing more!

Alright, say this was implemented, how would this affect “parking or arriving” aircraft that come to taxi to the apron. How would this feature benefit from this…

Even just having 1 type for short haul one for long and one for GA so devs can sort quick!

Well that would be a problem! Maybe a warning saying wrong parkig area and get a violation on expert if you dont pushback away?

Let people have fun xD

Just kidding, I think it’s useful, in some airports there only is 1 parking place.

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That’s why as i said above i aimed it for larger more used airports

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Love the thread, and agree completely! Its aurprising how many spawn on each other on Expert. Have my vote

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Thanks! I was planning to focus on expert mainly as the others its a lot of work and we dont want to confuse the nuubs anymore!

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I mean, yeah, this would be cool but not everyone is super professional. Like some people just like flying to their home airport or something with a large plane and now planes like the A380 would be restricted to like 20 or so airports, which may hurt the casual players (which I think is most of the playerbase)

That’s why i want to aim this at the Expert server so you can still mess on the casual server!

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Did not read. Sorry about that

I probably forgot to add it haha! No worries!

Thanks all for 6 votes!

This idea is great. And that deserves a vote.

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