Unable to spawn in

I am trying to fly from JFK to BOG but I am not able to spawn in. I know about the glitch in JFK but I think that is not the main issue.

Device: iPad 6th Gen (I believe)
Operating system:IOS 15

Can you provide a video/picture of what happens when you try to spawn?

It keeps showing the loading screen

Does it just have you stuck on the loading screen?

Yes it does. It never spawns me in

Have you tried switching gates or maybe even airports?

Yes I switched to a nearby airport and I switched gates twice

Ok, how long have you left your device on the loading screen? If it has been a few minutes, try restarting your device.

Ok, good idea

I just restarted my iPad and the loading screen is still stuck

How long are you letting it load for?

At least 2-3 minutes

Ok I don’t really know what to tell you honestly. If a mod or developer or someone sees this, they might be able to help you out.

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This could be due to an unstable internet connection. I had this happen to me a few times.

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Try different aircraft/airports/gates/servers to see which one is the problem. If all fail, try checking if your wifi is good

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Like some folks mentioned, you might be having some internet issues. If you are on WiFi, reboot your router. While it’s doing that, it wouldn’t hurt to clear your Scenery Cache in General Settings, then reboot your device. Relaunch Infinite Flight once your WiFi is back up and running.


Update: I am deleting my replays and I am trying to see which ones have good landings so I can make a compilation but It will not let me get into my replays.

If you are still having connectivity issues due to your internet, you are going to have issues with streaming the scenery when the replay loads. Did you try the recommendation above to try rectifying a possible issue with your internet?

It is not my internet since I restarted the router. I have no idea what is going on

Are you using a VPN by chance? It’s just odd that the app is launching, but you can’t spawn and get stuck at the loading screen.