Unable to spawn in.

So I was about to spawn in to do a quick flight on Expert. I got ready and clicked to start spawning in. Well it has been about 45 minutes since them, and it still hasn’t spawned in. Now my WiFi isn’t the best right now, but the last time it was slow, I was able to spawn into a big airport like KJFK in like 4 to 5 minutes. I’ve tried spawning into KCLT for about 45 minutes. If someone could maybe help me out, that would be appreciated.

It should never take that long to spawn in. This should occur in under a minute. Reset your router and make sure you have a strong WiFi signal wherever you are with your device. Now would be a good time to fully power down your device to freshen things up.

Even on cellular I’m able to spawn in rather quickly.


Software and hardware information?

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I am using an iPhone 8, and I am on IOS 11.3. I know about the crashing issue on 11.3, but I don’t think this has anything To do with my software

I agree, this is more of an internet issue.

See my recommendation above :)

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Are you on the latest version? If yes, try airplane mode for 30 seconds with the application closed and try again.

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I’ll do that right now. I already turned off my cellular connection, and turned it back on and nothing. I’ll try turning off my phone all the way real quick


If that doesn’t work try resetting your network settings.

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Gonna try to spawn into a Class Charlie somewhere and see what happens, as I’ve done the steps above

Alright, keep us updated.

I’m having the same issues. It’s taking ages to spawn in. I’m using an iPad latest software

I’m on my old 6 right now that I use for these testing purposes for the support category. I’ll try spawning in and see what happens.

Spawned in OOTH on expert server with 13 seconds on the mark of loading in, which is normal for a piece of hardware that includes the IPhone 6.

I just spawned into a few larger and busier airports after a fresh install of the app. (iPhone 7 cellular and WiFi spawning was successful)

If the above recommendations aren’t working try deleting the app and reinstalling.

Good news, I spawned into a Class Charlie perfectly in about 2 to 3 minutes. I’ll try a Class bravo now and see what happens


If you were to use cellular, would you be on 3G, 1x, or LTE. This could also depend on the weather near your router.

Supposedly is there harsh weather conditions near you?

If his router is being impacted by rain outside then that’s an odd one. His issue seems to be signal strength from the source.

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A couple days ago it was storming near me, so my router weakened and had trouble loading in.

Your internet service provider was having issues then ;)

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Looks like he’s having trouble loading in due to his delay of response.