Unable to spawn in at gate F36 at Vienna

I am unable to spawn in at gate F36 with the Boeing 787-9. However, I know for sure that flight AC898 from Toronto always parks at that gate. I am able to spawn in at other gates but not that one. I don’t think this is related to the already existing gate restriction issue. I think it is more an airport editing job. I hope that this can be fixed in the next airport/navigation update.

I think this should go in support, although I would just spawn in another gate. Have a good day!

The answer to your concern is found in the same topic you created about a month ago. The problem is worldwide.


On behalf of @DeerCrusher and @brunocr98.

From Bruno: “Hi, I recently redid this airport, and it also includes several gate modifications to accommodate the right airplane sizes. You can expect these changes in the following scenery push.”