Unable to spawn at LIRL

I found an issue at LIRL airport. Tried to spawn at the single spawn point multiple times since the global relase, but a crash occur at every attempt. No issue if you try to land, and the unicom freq works well.

Other details:

Last attempt : 28 Dec 2017
Device : iPad Pro 9.7
Beta: No

Thanks for the help!

Have you tried reinstalling the app or restarting your device?

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I can also reproduce this.

It’s probably an airport issue. A wild guess: the spawn point could be out of the airport boundary…?

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Have you tried clearing up some storage on your iPad?

Try clearing storage and cache or even your memory. Also try restarting your device or deleting and reinstalling IF.

Is it a app crash or a plane crash?

Guys, this is not a terrain issue where restart or stuff will help.

This airport is not edited, at least not in the current version.
The spawn point is in the middle of the terrain.

I was able to spawn with the 787-10.



Will the Airport Editing Team fix this?

If someone wants to.

Probably, yes. Eventually. You can’t expect every airport to be edited. There’s tens of thousands.


See here is the issue the airport boundary is going right down the runway centre line. You also see the parking spot in the middle of nowhere

So @SF34 good guess that could be causing the issue due to the boundary being in a stupid position


Your right, we have to thank the developers that we even have global

Will probably be fixed within a few weeks/months

Not probably. Like Seb said, there’s tens of thousands of airports on planet earth. They’re not all going to be edited for a looong time.

But you never know. Dush might swing by this topic and say, “Hey, I’ll do LIRL”. You never know.

Edit: Probaly will not be fixed for a few years

We have 41708 airports left to do. Be patient or join the editing team so we can complete the goal faster.


@Aviator_Airbus - time to move on to another topic, don’t you think? ;)


@Marco_B - answered. You know where to find me if there’s anything else :)


Well, I was just reporting an issue with an airport, not complaining about anything.
Thanks for your time.


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