Unable to Sign in With Google on IFC


Whenever I try logging in to my IFC account using my connected Google account, the option to sign in with google just does not show up. This happened to me previously too but I ignored it at that time thinking it is a one-time bug or something like that. I had to sign in with email, and then Infinite Flight sent me a login link to my mail using which I had to log in to the community. Today, the same thing happened again and I could not log in using google since there was no such option. I had to enter my email, ask IF to send me a login link to my mail through which, I have logged in now.

Is there any way by which I can get the sign-in with Google option back? Or is it some sort of a glitch in Discourse?

Help is appreciated. Thank you!

When managing discourse, maintenance is needed on the site frequently. Most likely, one of the developers is working on google maintenance for logging in. I’m sure it’ll be back up in just a few minutes when they finish the maintenance.

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There’s no maintenance ongoing. Who would do that on Saturday morning? :)

It all seems to work fine here (tried incognito mode)
Are you using any add-ons like “Big Tech Detective” on your browser perhaps?
If, clearing out browser cache would be the next step.


He has a fair point.


Nothing but an ad blocker

Just cleared the cache and site’s login data. Still did not work. Had to log in again using the login link which discourse sent me via mail 😂

Which browser are you using?

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Im currently using Google Chrome Version 89.0.4389.82

I would first try disabling the ad-blocker and see if things change.
Also try in Incognito Mode.

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Ahh, looks like it was the ad blocker that was causing the issue. I am able to login using google. I have disabled it on this site now.
Thanks for the help!

This topic may be closed now.
Good day :)

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