Unable to set ILS approach

When i Was landing At TNCM(St Maarten) From KATL(Atlanta) and tried do set my ils approach, this happens:

Why Wont It Let Me Set My NAV1?


Runway 10 Doesn’t Have an ILS Approach, nor Runway 28.

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Because it is a GPS approach you essentially have to fly it visually. Make sure to use the PAPI lights.


ILS and NAV 1 are auto-land

in other words if the runway localizer is grey as you see in this map, instead of red, you have to fly visually, using your HUD and instruments. If the runway localizer is red, then the runway has ILS approach and you can set it to NAV1 or NAV2


ok, thanks for your help, do you think in the future we will be able to use ils approach in the grey landing cone?

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No, because it’s not an ILS :)

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im asking because before 19.4, we were able to use APPR at the grey landing cone

What about in the case of LPV or LNAV/VNAV GPS approaches? GPS approaches with vertical guidance - are they the same thing as GPS?

That has since been changed to reflect real world approaches with the new NAV update.

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At this point, I can’t answer that since I don’t know :)


The update made that change, so this is how things are going to be until the devs decide to make adjustments. Enjoy the challenge! Use everything you know about patterns, use your instruments (HUD or live) to guide you and have fun:)

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