Unable to send a message

When i am searching for an user who I want to connect with is giving me an error " this user’s public profile is hidden" any reason why it is showing that.

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This is because the user you’re looking for has set their profile to be publicly hidden. Although staff can see their profile and send PMs, the rest of us can’t.

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Is it any specific member part of a virtual organization like IFATC?

There unfortunately is no way to connect with the user unless you send them a public message here on the forum or use another social media platform.

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I think if you go into your messages and click + new message and add the username you should be able to send a DM but I could be wrong

@nativetoalaska idk why I replied to you

Edit: I guess you cannot

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You are not able to sadly. Happened earlier today through an event PM.


Thank you. You can close the topic.

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Me neither. No worries!

OP requested closure.