Unable to select ATC Frequency

Just wondering whether anyone else has had this ATC frequency issue? I can’t see ATC tower on approach to KPSP and KNUC even at 20NM. I even get requests to contact tower (flying in an active airspace) and still can’t see them on my list of available frequencies or able to reply to the request to switch frequencies. This can be frustrating as ATC may think I’m ignoring them.


Controllers can send on calls to pilots at the other side of the map. Just ignore the controller until you get really close to the airport (around 15NM)

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Yeah you’re right. It has happened to me also where I was about to pushback and an approach frequency sent me several request to contact messages. Unless the message is legit like you switched to Unicom on the ground and a ground frequency sent you a message I would ignore it.

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Thanks Joe. I do tune into the tower as soon as it appears. I’ve just noticed that sometimes its not possible even after being prompted by ATC. Similarly I’ve departed KNUC heading to KSAN on Advanced ATC and been told multiple times ‘frequency change approved - good day’ but I can’t select any other frequencies other than KNUC. Nor am I able to reply by saying ‘unable’.

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Yes you’re right and for me it is frustrating too at this point. The controller has to know that you’re out of range, so it only is senseless trolling. But it even can go more extreme.

Have a look to the screenshot.
While landing progress the controller of Santa Monica set me under pressure ;-) - while landing in L.A.

I have to remark! You’re only seeing the last 5 calls of Santa Monica… I think he repeated it about 20 times! That’s crazy man!

Another example is when I’m flying for myself and nealy for my own because i like to do so, a controller jumps in the game and then nearly always that same progress begins:

  1. He is sending me: "You’re in an active air… "
  2. “Say intensions” comes next just before I had the chance to change the frequency ;-)
  3. I tell him my intensions, and he gives my the clearing - or another heading ?! Remember I’m still alone in that area! …with the controller ;-)
  4. The controller is checking that I’m actually alone in the area and he leaves it immidiately !!

Unfortunately the story is re-starting again and again with new guys at same place untill I give up ;-)))
You have to hurry up for landing or you will get the change of getting three clearances from three differenet controllers while one landing ;-)))))

This is nothing against the controllers. Really not. Most of them are really making a good job after my opinion. Did you try it out ? With a lot of traffic it is really not so easy and when you’re doing a good job for while somebody will appear who is not following the instruction and the chaos is opened ;-)

But some controller (not on advanced server after my opinion) are doing the job let’s say overzealous…

Trolling is senselss…

Best regards

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Someone must be desperate to have someone on their frequency! lol