Unable to see TFR on Expert Server

Hello IFC fellows,

I have in recent days noticed the TFR placed in particular for EGKK and EGLC is no longer visible or accessible on Expert Server.
Have anyone raised this as an ongoing issue?
I’ve spoken to @Kedz who confirmed he can see the TFR at his end when controlling EGKK.

Is it an isolated issue? I have restarted the device but no change.
Here is a map on Expert Server a moment ago, normally will show TFR but there’s none visible and when spawn in, there’s no change whatsoever either. It’s the same.

I would appreciate if anyone can shed a light into this abnormality.


This applies to all servers I’ve checked
I am using Android smartphone.
Im up to date with the latest software on IF 20.3.4, Android 10

Can confirm on my side too, haven’t been able to see any for a couple weeks.

Samsung Galaxy A70
Android 10

(Removed unnecessary clutter on map to simplify evidence)

I also questioned this when I couldn’t see the TFR’s on the FNF last week.

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Awesome @Ecoops123 for sharing the info
I have restarted app but no change whatsoever

I’ve started a new flight elsewhere and the NOTAM for TFR’s now visible with red circles
Seems to be fixed but I will closely monitor if it disappear again

This certainly isn’t an isolated issue. I couldn’t see yesterday’s (FNF) TFR’s around IAD/DCA or the NOTAM before beginning flight on my android phone. Restarted twice but to no avail. TFR’s showed up only after the third restart. Haven’t seen this issue on my iPad though.

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I had the same issue today morning while controlling IAD Approach, but on the flip side I was able to see it when I was controlling Approach yesterday and also the NOTAM showed up before I spawned into KIAD.

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Which device? This issue seems pretty random.

I think the issue is known. It probably has something to do with the new backend work that is currently being done on the servers.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

I’ve had this happen once, all other times I can see them. iOS device for me

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I found a solution to fix the issue and for me it has worked all the time on my S10.

  • Restart Device
  • Open IF then restart
  • Open IF again choose an airport (I did KRYN) and then choose a spawn
  • Press fly and the IFR shows

Would be great if those who are having the issue try the steps above to resolve but that’s just what I have found to work

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Thanks for the report everyone. We’re looking into this for a future update


Yea, they day before Lukla was open for the GA event the TFR saying only general aviation aircraft was gone. When I had stopped by to practice a landing or two some F-16s and C750s spawned in

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