Unable to see some aircraft on map or communicate as ATC

This is a continuation of the recently closed thread with the same name.

Since that thread I have received and been playing with my ASUS ROG Phone 3. Tonight has been the first busy night on the Training Server since then.
I have had the same issue now so I can confirm that it’s not due to my phone hardware. And I have cleared my cache and that did not solve the issue. I’m about to restart my phone and see if that helps. So it will be down to my connection (most likely) or it’d have to be server side I would imagine.
I’ll update if I get another chance at a spot in LAX tonight.

ADD: Video of issues.

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Can you be more specific with your issue? Where are you loosing connection or view of aircraft? Is it like a switch flips and it goes offline?

Sorry, I had meant to go back and add the link to the first post here.

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Ok after reviewing your previous post I have a few things for you to give a try.

  • Do you have a cellular data. If so try and reproduce this issue using the cellular.

  • I find it very odd you can still communicate using some commands. Try reinstalling IF. If you have already done this do it again it is like doing a hard reset for the app.

You are the only one to my knowledge that has experienced this even in IFATC.

Hope this helps,

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The part that gets me is that this is the second device I’ve experienced it on. The previous device, a Moto G7 Play, could barely run with all graphic settings on low and no planes visible.
I run on a cable internet connection at home and generally have a weak cell signal here.
But since I have gotten the ROG3 I did notice that I was connected to 5G the other day so I may be able to do that.
Worst case, I drive towards town and try it where I know I’ll have a good connection.

ADD: I guess the biggest issue is both being able to get ground control while LAX is busy and be able to connect with a decent cellular signal.

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Let us know what you come up with if it works with a better connection etc. :)

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Will do. I couldn’t manage to get ground control today, going to try again here soon when I get home. Hoping the TS hasn’t died down just yet for the night and I can get the controller position.

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I just captured some video of this happening. I’m going to have to upload it to share here.
I still say it could be a connection issue but I’m not thoroughly convinced that it’s a connection issue.
Everything was going fine. I had been running KLAX tower for nearly an hour and when a large number of pilots began to spawn in at the airport it began to drop pilots left and right.
Video to come.

Edit: It may actually be a packet loss issue… 🤨

Here it is, let me know what you guys think.

I feel like this particular instance was different from my usual experience with the issue. You can see aircraft that were previously ‘disappeared’ come back onto my radar. I would say it’s packet loss 100% but I experience this when sitting directly next to my router as well.

As a last effort I’m going to disable my VPN. I’ve not had an issue with it and any other games I play but perhaps it could do the trick.
The video starts about 3-5 seconds after an aircraft holding short of 6R disappeared. The remainder is just me attempting to control what I can and checking my wifi signal strength.

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I noticed it says in the top right.

Hiding aircraft <10000

Check your on map settings make sure there isn’t any setting that may be causing this.

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I’ll give it a go. Idk if it could interfere with aircraft on the ground but it’s possible.

Also make sure your try without the VPN that could possibly be the issue :)

I have the same issue when my network is bad

It’s the VPN for me. I’ve got another video loading. So many aircraft on radar, so little issues.
IF is now added to exceptions. 👍


Ok good!

Glad it worked!!

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