Unable to see some aircraft on map or communicate as ATC

Hello, I’ve been having an issue occur while working ATC. It seems to only happen at LAX but I believe it has more to do with the population at the airport rather than the airport itself.

I will sometimes have aircraft come up on my list while running ground control but they will not appear on my map (gray or blue) and I cannot respond to task requests such as pushbacks and taxis. I still have some options but they’re the nonspecific ones such as misc. messages and stand by>.

I’ve personally come to believe that this is from a connection issue or hardware issue with my device. My phone only runs without frame drop on minimum settings and I’m unable to have ANY aircraft visible unless there are only one or two at my airport. I’m working on that part, I’ve got an ASUS ROG Phone 3 arriving Wednesday but I’m still curious what’s causing this. Attached is an image showing the aircraft on my list but not on the map and a full list of the command options I have after he has requested taxi. There are no other aircraft tuned in at the time of this image but any gray one would be visible and have full comms if when they did join my freq.

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have you tried clearing your scenery cache? this looks like a scenery issue.
Or do you have your plane count set to 0?

as for the responding part im not sure.

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A cache clear may help for sure. The plane count doesn’t effect the ATC’s map display as far as I’m aware. Like I hinted at, I play very often with all other planes off. This has never caused this issue and I can still see other planes and interact with other pilots, just not certain ones.
I’m leaning towards it being a connection issue because sometimes when this has happened I will have other planes fly across the map like they do when a connection loss occurs. But like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with my hardware. I usually am unable to view other planes or use medium or high graphics. I’m hoping that’s the issue since I’ll have a new phone on Wednesday.
I’m going to turn on my screen cap app and see if I can get video to show what’s going on better.

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