Unable to see planes at NZWD

Was planning a flight with Misha from NZWD yet niether of us could see each other. As shown below we were both showing on LiveFlight implying our connections to the server were fine etc. Misha also showed for me on the airport selection page yet once spawned in he was now where to be found. We then tried EGGW where we could see each other’s planes. This was on the expert server

iPad 2018
iOS 12
Tried restarting and spawning at other airports before returning to NZWD

image image image

Hi Matt, see below


Yes apparently there is a huge event in training and there is over 100 people in the airport.The devs are looking into it

What does he mean by authorities? What are devs?

It’s also so weird that it’s happening on ALL airports on training server.

Yes the devs they are solving the issue as we speak

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If the server is extremely busy or full this may be the root cause of not being able to see aircraft. It’s been a really busy day so far with the TBM Event Weekend.


Devs -> Developers

Authorities --> Laura (Developer) I guess


Lol, Laura I guess. Many thanks Levet and Thomas :)


Popular YouTubers, including myself, Swiss001 and others, are hosting an event at LSZH, over 200 people easily here. This problem is happening all over training server.

there are like 500 people flying with Swiss001 while he’s live-streaming and he can’t see anyone either

Ok I am not alone. I will wait and stop reinstalling everything lol

My screen… if it could help

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Laura is now restarting the servers as the Swiss001 event seems to be affecting everything. Hopefully you should be able to enjoy a flight soon.

Seems its back. The server restart did help for many :)

UPDATE: Laura has restarted the servers and apparently they seem to be back to normal with all aircraft in sight. Try again now and enjoy your flight @Matt

Thanks, we’ve gone to a different airport and all seems to be working now. I’ll try at NZWD tomorrow again and update here 🙂

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Matt, shoot a PM over to Misha tomorrow. Seems this topic is getting mixed with the Training Server event issue at LSZH. Happy Flying ✈️😊