Unable to see edited airport

When I spawn into CYUL, I still see the old airport layout. However, I spawned in this morning and I saw the edited airport. I have reinstalled Infinite Flight, rebooted my device.
Please help me as I really want to do a flight from my brand new home airport CYUL.

You said you see the old layout but then you said you see the edited airport. I am confused. Can you clarify what the issue is, maybe with a screen shot?


This morning I spawned in at CYUL and saw the brand new airport. However when I spawn in now I see the old airport. The screenshot is what I see now. @Chris_S

Are you referring to the fact that the navigation database update is reverted, therefore the airports updated earlier today are reverted?

I hope you now understand to why did they reversed the Airport Navigation update. It caused problems on most devices.


Oh ok. Thanks for telling me.

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