Unable to See Airport

Hey staff! I know this issue is happening alot with multiple people, but here is my experience. I was doing a flight from RCPT-RJAA and I was on final and I saw that there is no airport. Like said before I know this is a thing happening, but this is my experience!!

Thank you!

Deakin Pope

Have you cleared you scenery cache?

If not, clear it and restart your app.

This has happened to a bunch of people (including me) at ORF, check your live server and WiFi. If not, restart the app. Let me know if that helps!👍

Will do. I have cleared the cache and connection is good! Will restart now!

Sadly it dud not help.

Clearing the scenery cache and restarting the app fixed it for me yesterday when KIWA didn’t load, surprised it didn’t help with yours

You don’t need to restart the app, just change the graphics and then put it back as it was.

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Unfortunately that did not change it!

That worked!! Wow! Thanks!

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This can closed mods!