Unable to see aircraft as ATC

So, I was controlling at JFK on TS2. As soon as I spawned, I noticed that no aircraft were appearing. I have aircraft count on maximum.

Latest version of IF

iOS 9.3.4

iPhone 6



thats been happening to me as a pilot

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Isn’t it something to do with how many aircraft are in play? Like if there are way to many it will have problems loading them? Have you tried turning down the A/C?

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There were only 5…

Well have you -.-
Lol I’m joking if not then I am not sure

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Do you see them when you zoom in on them?

Not even when I zoom in.

Is it a specific aircraft type this happens with or what?

It happens with all aircraft.

Hy !

It appears to me too. I’m pretty sure (I’m sure at 100%) that it’s due to your internet connection. I have noticed that if I wait a bit or if I come near to the plane the flight appear. That’s my speculation.

By other words, you need to wait that the texture of the plane download from the Internet and it could be a bit long due to your internet connection.

Have a great day @the_simulation_nerd !

Happened to me the other day - I just restarted the app and went back into that airport and it was fine again.

It’s not my internet. I can fly on live without any problems.

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I was comtrolling at TNCM and then this happened to me. I just spawned in.

Me too. Ever since the update, the rendering distance feels much worse even on Very High.

That happened to me once. Then when I went to fly those aircraft later IF crashed and I had to re-download them.

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