Unable to see aircraft around me.

So I’m doing a journey from KLAX to OOMA, still flying at the moment, and I check liveflight to see that there’s an aircraft nearby but I cannot see it on the map. I am in TS2, can see myself on liveflight, however I don’t see that aircraft. Help?

Did you checked liveflight on the same device?

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Nope, always on a different one, since chrcking on the same one would kick me out of the server.


It won’t show up unless it’s approximately within 100nm. Are you sure it is?

Might also be that the other user have already exited the flight and there’s a delay due to LiveFlight.

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That might be the issue. How can I measure the distance between us?

You can’t I’m afraid.
You could do an estimate based on how far it is to your next waypoint and make a rough estimate how far it is to the other aircraft.


Ah, I see one! Thanks for the help!

You can turn on the names. If the aircraft is close to you, then you will see his name + the information you need (including the distance between the two of you).

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That won’t help if they’re to far away.

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I am aware of that my friend. But sometimes, it shows you the name tags and does not show you the aircraft on the map, same thing for the airplane dots.

Also, it could be this issue.
Happens pretty often if you are flying over the ocean.


Don’t worry, it’s alright now. I see 2 aircraft.