Unable to search airports when selecting airport (global)

Made a video here: https://youtu.be/f-JdvkuYiZ4

Try restarting your application. If that doesnt work force restart your phone

Are you connected to the server? I just did it mid flight and they came up…

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Wasn’t in yet. Just in airport spawn select.

Any airport you are looking for in specific? maybe its not a valid airport?

Zoom in and select the spawn point you wish.

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That’s an option too, I just want to help make sure this bug is known.

Yeah, if anything try that. Or delete app and re-install.

This isn’t a bug that’s how you select a spawn point now.

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Chris he’s on the spawn in screen so only ICAOs are applicable. Also the status doesn’t show on that page until you spawn in.


But, isn’t it an ICAO he’s typing in? That should work.

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Ah I thought he was entering the one shown it should work if it’s an actual IACO in the data file.