Unable to Scroll through Information Box [#1297]

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Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?

Version Information
20.02.00 (455)

Device Information
iPhone 11 on iOS 11.0.1

Unable to scroll through Information box when looking at other pilots flight details

Steps to reproduce

  • In flight, tap an aircraft on map to show tag
  • Tap on tag to bring up the Information box
  • Attempt to scroll down through the information

Expected results
Should be expected to scroll up and down through information and see full flight plan, procedures (if filed), destination, distance from departure/destination, flight time etc

Actual results
Scroll bar indicates additional information is available but does not react so unable to move up and down through all the information

Log sent?

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Reproduced multiple times. Was going to create a topic on this soon

Galaxy A70
Android 10
20.02.00 (981)

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Able to reproduce

Device: IPhone XS
IOS version: 14.0.1
IF version: 20.02.00(455)

I’m also able to reproduce this.

IF Version: 20.02.00 (455)
Device: Apple iPhone 11
OS Version: iOS 14

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I am able to reproduce as well.
Device: iPad 2017
IOS: 14.0.1
IF Version: 20.02.00 (455)

Able to reproduce
Galaxy A71
Android 10
20.02 (981)

Able to reproduce

OnePlus 7T
Android 10

Able to reproduce. I have been facing the same issue since entering beta yesterday.

One plus 7T
Android 10
Beta 20.02(981)

Able to reproduce this. Nor does the scroll bar appear.

Callsign: PP-CBE
Device: Motorola One | Android 10
Versão: 20.02 (981)
Account linked to IFC.

Just to update as we’ve had a few builds since original report. Can still reproduce on latest build;

Device: iPhone 11
Operating System: iOS 11.0.1
Build: 20.02.00 (464)

Still able to repo

Samsung S10 - Android 10
IF Version - 984